Thursday, January 15, 2009

my boy, brett & the taste of ice cream

given my fairly recent break-up i have been listening to a lot of whiny crooners that overly express their [often unrequited] love.

Their love one can help, but at least we can hear & most definitely in my case...empathize.

It makes me feel as though there are passionate people [most especially men] in the world that aren't stuffing their feelings in their pocket. That aren't afraid [atleast in song] to say the sappy "I will be the one who loves you the most"

or...." and I've been waiting all this life/ in the company of one/ and I know I am young
but I don't want to be alone"

or " I only wanted to be closer to you/i thought i had something to prove..."

I love this kid. I don't know him. But honest words put to music are hard to come by these days...

I don't know much about love. Not much more than what I'm told. And that's fine. But I imagine its like a flavor of ice cream I have never tasted. People can describe it to you...tell you its the best. But its description does not compare to the taste.


Schumes said...

whoa, you wrote, twice in a row!!!

Mikkele Suzanne said...

i love it when you blog. you're so honest and real and i always feel exactly the same way.