Sunday, November 23, 2008


New apartment and I don't have a bed...or a toaster...or a couch.
New apartment and I think its a pretty crappy one.
New apartment and I think I chose a crappy one just so I could say I had a crappy apartment one time before I moved up to the eastside...y'know like George & Weezy?
New apartment and how did I not notice the fridge wasn't clean or that the old school heater sounds like a rodent weeping?

I used to love new things. Trying something new [pre-graduation] was a bit like falling with a safety net. Trying something new after you graduate is about like falling and without the safety net you realize there's jagged rocks and alligators to break your fall.

New isn't fun & light trying calamari before you found out it was squid.
Trying something new is like, fuck, did I pay my electric bill? Did I budget for groceries or did I eat out 12x last week?



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Schumes said...

Haha I love it, Kim. Congrats on your "new" apartment haha.