Saturday, November 1, 2008

Kim is

not asking him to be perfect, but merely asking him to be present. all there.


Schumes said...

If you watched it, you heard the guys challenge. If anyone can replicate his results from McCain voters, he would double the cost of the poll and documentary.

I think I am with him there; I'm not convinced that voters on the right are as ignorant about stuff like that. 90% of Obama voters thought Palin made the comment about Russia?!!! Over half didn't know he made the comment about 57 states? What? I'm sorry, but that's NOT normal.

But it IS media-driven.

Schumes said...

And I'm disturbed.

Schumes said...

There is a complete difference in being ideologically indoctrinated by parents and just being factually mistaken about actual events.

YES, people on the right are, as you say, regurgitating their families beliefs. But none of them are saying Obama said he saw Russia from his house.

As for it being "anecdotal," the documentary came alongside a Zogby poll, which is one of the most respected polling sources.