Thursday, August 21, 2008

stop the madness

so, I have this thing. where everything is greener..elsewhere. I am just about to buy a car. I am so close its disgusting. I have been looking consistently for about 2 months. I almost signed the papers on the deal. And I just freaked out and said I'd sleep on it. The car is beautiful--belleza. Completely. Its used-gotta clean carfax. Black-30,000 on the dash, gets good MPG.

Did I mention its gorgeous. I scoured the car for every little imperfection. I was meticulous. I think at one point I sat in the trunk. And while I was implementing my meticulous inspection I saw a married couple admiring my car.

I said, "Yeah, isn't it great? I'm picking it up tomorrow."
Even though I had doubts about it. I wanted no one else to have it. NO ONE.
So why not just buy it?

a little thing called commitment. what if i find something better? theres always something better somewhere. and i just can't accept that there's something better somewhere else and I don't have it.

a better car
a better job
a better boyfriend

i am constantly looking for the next best thing. i have blogged about this before so consider this the addendum. but could I really believe that what I have right now isn't the best but it makes me happy. That I could be this weird thing called, "content."

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