Saturday, July 12, 2008

we are the same.

you & me.

we're the same.

we're strong.

we are the same strong.

we are cut from the same stone.

and we feel the weight of our lives.

but it does not crush us.

we will not die.

i left my job yesterday. not abruptly, it was 4 weeks coming. and if we want to get specific-it was longer than that.
but i left my children, too. my precious children. I had been there almost a year and I had seen many come & go.
And I did not think I'd feel this way. But these kids burrowed their way into my heart.

And I must say I got a little choked up. I think things like this hit me until the very end. I had 4 weeks to let go and it still hurts. I love my kids and I will miss them very much. I just didn't know how much.

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