Wednesday, May 14, 2008

things you didn't ask me

but that I'm going to share anyway.

I have these compulsive desires to say completely inappropriate things [like 98% of the time].

when I am lonely, I like to read aloud to myself.

i hate being interrupted.

I probably think I'm smarter than you

I am surprisingly honest if asked the right questions, in the right sequence under the right circumstances.

my favorite type of omelet contains spinach and tomato

I am currently on the brink of moving into rural ohio [wtf?]

If Chicago were a man I would be deeply involved in a torrid love affair with him

if ever asked what I am thinking it is either something too painfully superficial or too philosophically self-indulgent. Neither are ever disclosed to the inquirer for those reasons.

I'm a little bit of a music snob, [food snob, snobby snob, etc.]

...But I love Journey and their 80s rock ballads.

I think everyone should read more

and I judge you if you watch a lot of television

I feel like in my old age [the twentythreeness] I am slowly but surely losing my ability to dance. //pop, lock...and drop it?//

I secretly think of lopping off my long hair. Because I think people like it too much.

I am going through a "prissy" phase [nails did, hair did...ALL the time] to compensate for the lack of sincere and meaningful relationships in my life right now.

Nobody really knows how much I hate my job.

And I have probably waited way too long for anything significant to come from this

1 comment:

Schumes said...

Haha I liked this post.

Rural Ohio? A prissy phase?

I knew you want to say inappropriate things 98% of the time cuz when you're drunk you say them haha.

I'm with you on being a music slob, people should read more, and judging TV watchers.