Tuesday, May 6, 2008

la poema

warning: if you're guy and you're immature and stupid and no one has told you about women's "icky parts" you probably won't be able to stomach this [cos' you're stupid].

to my womanhood:
i know that when a man loses his pride he is emasculated, but what of a woman and her pride? Is their no phrase for a woman and her pride which is equal if not more than a man's. can we not give it a word seperate from the man's

to my womanhood
I raise a cup
7 days worth of blood
more than a mans
seven times over
seven time the twelve months and the four seasons and the twelve years since my youth

to my woman-hood
the coiled hairs
my breasts
to the softest
parts of me

to the brittle nails and split ends...
to my womanhood
to the heights and depths of me
to my pride as my own
not rare, not unkind, merely mine.

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