Friday, May 16, 2008

Did you see me?
It was me driving off
I pretended I didn’t see you
I wanted you to see my back
The shape I take as I leave you
And go toward my own ambitions, hopes and dreams
This is me leaving you.


Schumes said...

Kim I don't know where you are with the election stuff. But I have REALLY been trying to take Barack seriously (let's face it, Hillary's a bitch and McCain is a boring old guy), but 57 states?!!! Really? My goodness! And this sleep deprivation stuff just is no excuse! Sorry about this Kim, you are just getting my venting via your blog.

Schumes said...

I'm all for hope, Kim, you know that. But hope has to translate into policy.

And I want a president who has at least a first grade education on this country.

Schumes said...

Oh I get it, the point at which you and I disagree is when I'm supposed to shut up haha. No thanks, I believe in democracy and free speech. Have a good day!