Monday, December 10, 2007

i'm not [t]here.

i should really stop watching all these quirky ass movies because i feel as though my life is now competing with them.

who can be the weirdest.

i just watched a film, "i'm not there" a non-linear,bio-flick about bob dylan. or should i say bob dylan[s]. it made little to no sense but had I not had the worse day of my life and a cranium-splitting headache I could have endured the 2 hours plus but i found it to be too much for the usual after-work pizza and a movie routine with my cousin, Rita.

it was absurd. and my life is already absurd i don't need anymore absurdity purely for entertainment. i already feel as though my life is non-linear with events clearly happening out of order. now, all i need is a few more characters coming out of the woodwork claiming to be myself.


Schumes said...

keep lovin' those kiddies!!!

Schumes said...

I finally have a link on my blad to yours! This was a huge accomplishment for me...How are you??

Anonymous said...

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Schumes said...

Kim, how bout you write every once in a while??!!!