Thursday, July 26, 2007

what's new

* i got pulled over 3 days ago {after incessantly bragging that i've never been pulled over, go figure}...for failure to yield. i had a whole epic post about it and then decided it wasn't that deep. i did cut a cop car off, but i didn't do anything wrong. got it? cut him off...did absolutely nothing wrong. anyway, didn't get a tix...if i see another a cop [ever] it'll be too soon.

* i'm going on vaca with the fam to the northeast...a road trip [in typical thomas family style] to connecticut, rhode island and boston. it's a relief from the monotony of job, eat, sleep [repeat].

* while on vaca, i'm gonna slip away to NYC for a job interview. i don't wanna talk about it cos I don't wanna jinx myself.

* i'll hear back next week for the adoption consultant position next week. i dreamt i didnt get the job...maybe its prophetic, maybe it neurotic. i'll find out next week.

* thinking about getting a haircut. something DRASTIC.


ps finally discoverd the goofy fx on my MAC photobooth. please enjoy.

y'know some people say i have a big mouth.

...and a big forehead.

and an alien.


Schumes said...

Good luck with the job interview! And enjoy the vacation. I, too, am still playing the waiting game. And getting quite frustrated!!! Oh and why is it that when girls get pulled over they don't get tickets but guys do? I got a speeding ticket like a 2 weeks ago; I was SO PISSED! The timing sucked...

Schumes said...

how'd the interview go??!!!