Thursday, July 5, 2007

what makes me happy

after a horrible disillusioned rant i thought i'd end with...what makes me happy in my transitional days at home in cleveland...

flight of the conchords: 2 kids from new zealand who have their own show on HBO [sunday nights]. they are SO freaking hilarious. everything about them is absurd & slightly inappropriate [ my favorite type of humor]

random trips to coventry: an odd quarter-mile of road where i can get gelato, hear some indie bands, listen to some poetry readings, buy some used books & peruse the weirdest toys i've seen in a crazy store called BIG FUN

cleveland institute of art: its tiny. art is not exactly poppin off in cleveland but i like student art. they have a teeny tiny gallery inside the institute i used to go there a lot in high school & had a few things displayed there from some art classes i took. i once saw this huge display of a man consuming a cow but the cow was unphased and it appeared that the cow was wearing a man suit. if it sounds disturbing its b/c it was but i thought it was great commentary on consumerism. y'know basically the premise is out of our "necessity for materials" who ends up being the consumer and who ends up being the consumed.

regina spektor:
listen to: the ghost of corporate future, samson, dusseldorf, better, baobabs & bartender

arizona iced tea: i don't know if anybody knew this but this is the only thing i drank in DC on a consistent basis & is the only thing i drink now. so thank you arizona iced tea company & the state of arizona without which i might be parched right now.

this list has already turned ridiculous so i'm done.


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