Friday, July 6, 2007

this is where we go when we run away.

i had a lil' breakdown today. don't get me wrong i LOVE my family, but i am losing my mind. they are driving me crazy. the absurdity that is my family can only be handled in small doses. and i'm about to OD. i've toyed with the idea of going back to chicago for awhile and staying with my sister.

chicago in the summer is fun, light & exciting. but come winter in bundles up like everywhere else in the midwest. and i guess i say that to mean i have to make sure my motives for leaving cleveland are legitimate.

make no mistake if i laid out the pros and cons right now of both cities chicago would win by a landslide but i'm a practical girl [sometimes] and i need a sense of purpose to go to chicago & stay.

:::other ideas i've toyed with:::

a road trip. where? to michigan to see this pastor by the name of rob bell & a church, mars hill [which sounds like a WB sitcom but it is completely legit]. in my disillusioned days since graduation. mr. bell's sermons online are the only thing that seem to be getting through to me.
Q: so, how did i come to know mr. bell?
A: well, like all good lil' theologians he attended wheaton college [note the sarcasm]
he was one of our chapel speakers that came my freshman year. and had i known then that that would be the best chapel [ a close second: a fella by the name of mr. shane claiborne] i ever attended in my time at wheaton i would have listened a lil' more closely. but nevertheless i was struck by his relevance to the times. i think that is the most important thing a christian can be---is relevant. i believe it is the one of our biggest threats as well [atleast that's what i wrote in my final christian thought paper].
i highly recommend listening to some of his sermons online:

anyway, i want to drive up to michigan and sit in on a sermon. i think that would be amazing.

anyway, i have this thing against blogs being too long so, i'm done.

ps i want to get back into painting too.

pps my cat is trying to eat some flowers i have stuck in a vase near my bed right now.

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