Sunday, July 15, 2007

& then my past came running up to meet me.

so, remember when i told you guys i have lost contact with a few people purposefully? well today as i left sevenoseven i ran right into 5 people from that past i tried to leave behind. not to be ultra dramatic but they were all affiliated with a church that was really detrimental to my faith & to separate myself from that...inadvertently i separated myself from them, too.

well, just as i left church this evening i hear someone scream out my name, "KIM THOMAS!" Without even looking up I thought, uh-oh. But though i have nothing in common with these people [or so i say]. it just doesn't seem right to blow people off like i did.

and then i went to postsecret & saw this:

it made me rethink all those excuses i was making...

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bfine107 said...

Thats who this is!