Monday, July 9, 2007

people are just people

NOTE: contrary to popular belief...i don't think i'm bitter about wheaton...or as bitter [as some people]. there were some fun times there but there were equally some VERY difficult times. but saying that, i don't think i could have gone anwhere else and gained the same valuable perspective i have of the world. did i fit in? hell no. but i think that many people [more than i originally thought] felt similarly. i think i could have done things differently [been a bit more friendly] but it happens. -fin-

now for a funny story:
i'm hanging out at my spot in coventry just outside talking on the phone and this white man in a cabana hat & hawaiian shirt [ who doesn't look a day younger than 300 yrs old] belts out, "you look like my new wife! you look great." i looked at him [thank god i was wearing shades to hide the utter disbelief in my eyes] and thought, "oh no that can't be...that's not possible." i laughed a nervous laugh and our bizarre interaction ended.

aside from that i had a lot of fun at coventry just people-watching...some random band [y'know the emo types] was shuffling all their equipment into the grog shop [ a concert venue on coventry]. there were young people, old people and it was just fun to see them all in one place. i guess thats one thing i like about areas in cleveland. they're not pretentious...old people & young people can have the same favorite spot in town. which is nice.

ps it was hot as hell today.

pps i'm stuck to the couch

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