Sunday, July 8, 2007

never a wheatie or laying down the stones

i randomly found myself on the wheaton college website and decided to take a glance at the new orientation committee [OC]. which if you don't know is very hyped on campus as they have the "prestigious" position of ushering in all the new rugrats on campus. i have a pretty good opinion of them as i loved my orientation commitee and entertained the idea of being on OC myself.

but i had no regre ts as i scrolled down the page of unrecognizable faces on the committee. you have to LOVE wheaton to be apart of something like that & since i specialize in honesty i could not pretend to be head over heels about this institution. as i was reading ea. person's blurb they have to answer silly qs like what their favorite place on campus. i thought about our tiny plot of land and was perplexed...did i even "hang" on campus? was there a hotspot [that i didn't know about]? i thought to myself, "well, i take powernaps in the prayer chapel and i'm sure duane litfin [our president] would have loved to hear that...


i went to sevenoseven tonight. and i really liked it---not because they did anything unique, but because God was there. now, i have been an avid "church shopper" since my days at wheaton [ whose claim to fame is the most churches per square mile]. but i don't have the "luxury of choosiness" nor do i need it in cleveland. i just wanna go where God is.

the church had some "in-house business" to address about a portion of their team that had fallen into some sin that had proved detrimental to the church community as well as his wife and family. i don't have the nitty-gritty details but the whole staff seemed pretty broken up about it. & its worthy of being sad. but i'm glad they emphasized restoration for this staff member. i almost thought as i was sitting in the pew. are they embarrassed, as a new person to the church, do they wonder if i'll even come back? but as much as i can be an ass & extremely judgmental. i won't turn my face from vulnerability-from humility-from open & honest confession. nope, i can't do it. i have to lay down my stones like everybody else and go back home.

so i guess i said all that to say-i like the church. i like its humility & solid foundation in the word & i respect the staff. i can't wait to go back next sunday:)


Schumes said...

I continue to sense a little bitterness about Wheaton College...haha you and Neal should get together and bitch about your college experiences. By the way, I spent most this past weekend in Chicago! Had a good time and experienced the Taste of Chicago. So that was cool.

Andy said...

hi there... i don't know you but i found this post through a little google search on 707. i have to be honest. your words about that night were so encouraging to me. it was so tempting to cover up, hide or whatever thinking we could control something... but your words were what we were hoping for. even if a person was new that they would sense honesty in a tough situation. thanks for that. hope to meet you sometime.