Thursday, July 5, 2007

i'm in transition.

& i am still awake SO i thought i'd do a lil' blogging. tons of things have happened i just haven't been writing them all--on paper or anything! which is a big deal for me. i can't even locate my journal & most of my stuff is in boxes after being home for almost 2 mos. LAME. there's really no excuse for living out of suitcase when you're home.


but i want a home of my own. doesn't have to be big or anything it just has to be mine.

I have been working at old navy recently better known as ol' slavy. And i think that my parents would rather me atleast get a temp job working somewhere else. but i don't even want to PRETEND to drop anchor in cleveland. :::this god-forsaken place::: there is absolutely nothing for me here. Before this summer i hadn't spent longer than 2 mos. consecutively here since my high school graduation, so that goes to show how much i have invested in my hometown.

As much as i ragged on wheaton [and i don't wish i was back for a sec.] it gave many opportunities that i don't think i would have even wanted otherwise.

i was talking to the director of this adoption agency in an interview a couple weeks ago and she was very interested in all my adventures i had had [ here & abroad]. And these people just assume that you did this for college credit and a look of shock comes across their faces when you tell them. As if no one could possibly want to do something that didn't serve themselves. The same thing happened when I interviewed for this caseworker position in chicago. why is it so shocking to want to help people and to know its gonna stress you out, but you wouldn't want it any other way.

i dont know what this post degenerated into but i felt like i needed to say that.
i'm in transition....anyway watch for more frequent posting perhaps with some poems & other stuff...


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