Monday, May 14, 2007

squatting in the chi*

I am staying with my sister for a couple wks...just until I have my interview [which is Wednesday]. I'm nervous because I want it so badly and this is a serious interview[ 2-3 hours long!] Apparently, the state of IL doesn't play. That's whose interviewing me IL's Dept. of Children & Family Services. It is my first face to face interview which honestly can't be any worst than my phone ones [I once missed a phone interview by an hour due to different time zones ].

Did I ever tell you I love chicago in the summer? It serves as the best distraction from imminent real world responsibilities. I have been gallivanting [that's right gallivanting] around the city visiting friends...stopping at random "L" stops to see what there is to see. I have been secretly trying to find my niche in this city... as if I'll be back here [which isn't certain].

So far this is what I've found...the Northside is overwhlemingly full of posers.
Belmont: fake ass hipsters & generally pleasant gay men
Addison: Wrigleyville is not my favorite because...well...Cubs fans are not my favorite
Diversey & Fullerton: college students & Gucci-clad bores
And then there's Uptown which holds nothing but good memories from when I visited friends in the ol' WIC apts. Studying @ the Borders...getting questionable shakes from Uptown BBQ (the greeks).
Anything North of Sheridan I have, as of yet, to have an impression [i'll let you know when it impresses me].
But I do like Evanston's movie theater but that is all the purple line has proven good for thus far.

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Peter said...

Let me know if you plan to make random stops (yes, randomness can totally be planned) at the Loyola or Morse stops. 'Cause, we live right by them... so... yeah!