Tuesday, May 15, 2007

rainy, rainy

so, i waited to the last minute to map out a route to my interview which is tomorrow. :::in true kim fashion::: i made the hike down to the southside via the red line [all the way to 63rd] where I then needed to catch a bus...to find the Cook Co. South location of DCFS.

i found myself in the company of all black patrons as I rode southbound [ which made no difference to me//felt like home] but it is worthy of noting because usually I find myself surrounded by a sea of white faces on the northside sans uptown.
but this is obvious. Saying black people overwhelmingly live on the southside is like stating that the sky is blue. I know the history as good as anyone else...i just wish we could change it...

speaking of idealism...this segues quite nicely into the idealist.org-sponsored job fair i attended today with grace & esther. out of the 75 organizations nothing looked enticing except a national urban fellows program [intended for those looking for a mid-career switch]. has the desperation not set in quite yet? i know what i want to do---all i have to do is find it [ i can't settle...yet// or at all]. the guy @ nat'l urban fellows was encouraging, even though I was too young to apply, he told me I was on the right track & he told me not to pay for grad school [ a hint that I could...eventually be a fellow]. sure his encouragement guarantees nothing but for a brokeass college grad a lil' encouragement can go a looooong way.

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