Wednesday, May 16, 2007

not a winner

that interview kicked my ass. i arrived early by an hour a half and waited in the waiting rm until called around 130. for the next 3.5 hrs i was utterly tortured with written & oral exams---dense, dramatic scenarios in which i had to pretend to be a social worker [which i have lil' faith that i have the ability to be]. the owrst was the spanish portion. i am good at spanish...but being good at spanish and being spanish-speaking are obviously different. And all those times feeling uncomfortable...and hesistant about speaking spanish just came back to me.

i wouldn't care as much but i suffer from OVER-confidence and generally go around thinking i'm the shit and it shook my confidence a bit.

they said they would try to reschedule the oral portion...but i don't know if its worth it because if i get the job...i'd still struggle.

job-searching is a bitch.

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