Tuesday, May 29, 2007

el futuro & other shit like that

Y'know I've been a bit mopey lately. Not wanting to write because the same thing consumes me & 10 posts that say the same thing...well, that just ain't cool. so, whats the thing? :::sigh::: a job. My name is Kim and I am a busybody. :::collectively the crowd says, "HI, KIM."::: I guess Wheaton has trained me well. I am not a woman of leisure. I am a woman of drama, tragedy & tasteless humor, but not of leisure. I need to work until my hair falls out or find some horribly tragic cause to put my heart through the grinder for. Some gruesome schedule to propel me into the next decade. I cannot sit still...and thats what this summer has been. At home life slows waaaaaaaaayyyy doooooowwwwwwwwnn. I never spent too many summers at home & now I have little to come home to (save family, but it is enough).

I could return to Chicago, but for what? All I do is romp around but what I really want is something I can pour myself into to.

I talked to my super-ambitious friend Nicole [one of a couple people I've kept in contact with since high school] today. She'll be getting her PH.D in Soc in 5 yrs from Penn State. impressive. She always was. I can't help but be a bit envious--not because I want a PH.D but because I want a plan. But she reassured me. I've always been the adventurous one [mixed in with bouts of pragmatism] I've travelled seen all kinds of places & I can't believe I am so keen on trading it in for a 9 to 5.

I said this once and maybe I'll believe it again.

My whole life. The door is blown wide open by promise and opportunity. I could be anything, do anything & go anywhere. All I have are options and all I've got is time.

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Chris said...

an easy way to curb that sense of endless opportunity is to sign a lease. That's what I did. Now I need a job...